Kodiak 100 Single Hatch STC

This STC describes the installation of a fuselage hatch on the Kodiak 100 Series Aircraft, designed and certified by SST Flugtechnik GmbH. ⇒ Download the product flyer

The baseline aircraft Kodiak 100 is a multi-purpose, single-turboprop aircraft manufactured by QUEST Corporation in the USA. It has been FAA certified according to FAR-23 and validated by EASA.

The main features of the modification are:

  • Fuselage hatch (595mm x 545mm | 23" x 21")
  • Pilot operated, automatic sliding door
  • Mission system interface panel
  • GPS antenna installation (exclusive for mission system)
  • Floor closure panel (optional)

Potential mission scenarios are (among others):

  • Mapping and cartography
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Aerial photography
  • Wildfire detection
  • River mapping
  • Forestry

The size of the hatch is suitable for (among others):

This STC is customizable to your specific needs in terms of (e.g.):

  • Adapter plates
  • Sensor installation
  • Operator console


Kodiak 100 Single Hatch STC
Bottom view of fuselage hatch with open sliding door

In combination with the robust design, short strip / unpaved runway capabilities and versatility of the Kodiak 100, this STC provides a perfect platfrom for your cartography, aerial scanning and photography or other special mission application. The low operational costs and the high mounted engine exhausts, which do not contaminate the belly mounted equipment, outperform other competitors.

Fuselage hatch and sliding door

Sliding DoorAutomatic sliding door to close fuselage hatch and protect sensor equipment


Automatic Sliding Door mechanism