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Design Organisation Approval
Design Organisation Approval


Established in April 2013, SST Flugtechnik GmbH is a Part 21J Design Organization, providing extensive experience to in-house and external aircraft programs:

  • Development of new products to certification
  • Design of changes and repairs
  • Supplemental Type Certificates
  • Continued Airworthiness for Type Design
  • Consulting in production set-up and support

SST Flugtechnik GmbH is the Type Certificate Holder for the EA 400-500 type, ensuring Continued Airworthiness for the Extra 400 and 500.

Being located directly next to the Allgäu Airport of Memmingerberg gives us and our customers great infrastructural opportunities. Feel free to take a virtual tour through our facility.


Memmingen Airport (EDJA)
Memmingen Airport (EDJA)

SST Flugtechnik GmbH
Am Flughafen 12a
D-87766 Memmingerberg

+49 8331 97298 0

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Memmingen Airport (EDJA)
Latitude: 47° 59’ 33’’ N
Longitude: 10° 14’ 37’’ E
Elevation: 629 m

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