Kodiak 100 Cartography Aircraft

This STC describes the Cartography Mission system installation on a Kodiak 100 Series Aircraft, designed and certified by SST Flugtechnik GmbH. ⇒ Download the product flyer
The baseline aircraft Kodiak 100 is a multi-purpose, single-turboprop aircraft manufactured by QUEST Corporation in the USA. It has been FAA certified according to FAR-23 and validated by EASA.

The main features of the modification are:

  • Dynamically stabilized Cartography Scanner
  • Fuselage hatch (595x545mm, refer to Single Hatch STC)
  • Automatic Sliding Door
  • Operator Console
  • SatCom and InterCom Equipment
  • Autopilot support


Kodiak 100 Cartography Aircraft


Modification Timelapse


Virtual Tour through the Aircraft

Cartography Aircraft CabinTake a virtual tour through the aircraft.


Fuselage Cut-out and sliding door

In order to establish a free Field of View for the Cartography camera an opening in the aircraft bottom is provided as shown in the picture below. It can be closed by an automatic sliding door to protect the equipment above against debris especially during taxi, take-off and landing. The pilot can operate the door via a cockpit switch while the operator gets a status indication on the operator console.

The fuselage cut-out together with the sliding door are designed in such a flexible way that any other mission equipment for which the cut-out size of 595x545mm is sufficient can be installed instead of the Cartography Camera if desired (refer also to the Single Hatch STC).

Sliding DoorAutomatic sliding door to close fuselage cut-out and protect camera


Automatic Sliding Door mechanism