Kodiak 100 Patrol Aircraft

This STC describes the Maritime/Border Patrol mission system installation on a Kodiak 100 Series Aircraft, designed and certified by SST Flugtechnik GmbH. ⇒ Download the product flyer
The baseline aircraft Kodiak 100 is a multi-purpose, single-turboprop aircraft manufactured by QUEST Corporation in the USA. It has been FAA certified according to FAR-23 and validated by EASA.

Typical mission scenarios are:

  • Sea Surveillance Missions
  • Coastline Patrol
  • Search and Rescue Missions
  • Border Patrol

The main features of the modification are:

  • Multi mode radar system
  • EO/IR camera
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Equipment rack
  • Operator console
  • Fully integrated mission software
  • SatCom and InterCom system
  • Data Link
  • Retractable pilot and co-pilot step

Kodiak Patrol Aircraft

This selection of equipment allows to detect, recognize and identify targets on ground, at sea or in costal areas. Moving targets can be located and tracked and evidences of any suspicious activites can be recorded. In case of the maritime variant AIS equipped vessels and ships can be detected and identified.

Patrol Aircraft radome with extended EO/IR camera
EO/IR camera in extended position

View into the Patrol Aircraft radomeSearch radar in front portion of the radar, lift system for EO/IR camera in the back

Virtual Tour through the Aircraft

Patrol Aircraft CabinTake a virtual tour through the aircraft cabin


The individual equipment and sensors can be customized and configured to your specific mission requirements:

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