Kodiak 100 Battery Modification

Kodiak Battery Modification
Kodiak Battery Modification

In contrast to the FAA environment, EASA registered Quest Kodiak 100 owners need to retrofit a third battery (e.g. by FSI-148) to comply with local regulations. The above mentioned Field Service Instructions come with some limitations as the additional battery is installed in a compartment between the crew seats which might be in conflict with other optional equipment like the TKS tank for the de-icing system or hydraulic hand pumps in case of aircrafts fitted with floats.

To overcome these deficiencies in possible configurations, SST Flugtechnik has developed a STC which reorganizes the battery arrangement in a way that all batteries and related system components stay in front of the firewall and the compartment between the crew seats is not occupied.

In addition to the benefit of being able to operate an EASA registered Kodiak 100 e.g. with floats, our solution also provides about 20% weight saving compared to the standard battery plus the additional one installed in the cabin (FSI-148).

"This installation is considered as an EASA approved design change alternative to the installation of the Daher (former Quest) Aircraft Design LLC. Field Service Instruction FSI-148, Standby Battery System."

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